Monday, April 9, 2007

The lure of "About me"

All the rationality, objectivity, and hard nosed scepticism that our generation has been bestowed with, goes out of the window the minute someone says "Let me tell you something about yourself".

Its like a tractor beam. We smile and let oursleves get sucked into it. We want to hear about ourselves. We need to hear about ourselves. We crave to get a second opinion on who we think we are. Strange but true people, we need validation about ourselves!

We all have sought this through various means - friends, peers, colleagues, quizzes, 360 feedbacks..... the names are many, the need the same.

So, in line with the trend, I sought an "About me" too. The one that lured me was something that I found on Svety's blog (which, by the way, has much more interesting things than this!)

So here goes. This (apparently),is ME...

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svety said...

hey shome try this one, seems more credible..